"​Life is a game we can't afford to loose, 
and it's essential that we achieve
​everything we want,
​for self-satisfaction.
We are not here just to survive...
​We are here to live!"

Jacquel  lives her life as an adventure, with the determination, drive and passion that is magnetic to the energy that surrounds her. She has the good , the bad , the sweet, the fierce with her, showing her amazing multi-character talent. During her childhood she performed in dramatic plays and sang and danced in numerous acts and talent-shows around the community as well as in her school. Growing up Jacquel also played many different sports (which her father got her involved in), but truly shined in volleyball & kickboxing. She remains athletic till this day.  After becoming an adult she realized that performing arts is her life. She then focused in music and became the lead-singer in many different cover bands. During this period in her life she discovered her outstanding talent as a song-writer. Jacquel then began writing song after song based on her life-time experiences, some good and some bad. After hearing multiple positive feedbacks about her music, she knew her talents were a blessing that she must share them with the world. While doing her music, Jacquel  also worked in the modeling industry. Their she found her love for fashion. She then went full force into fashion and enrolled in college for fashion-design and is currently working on her fashion line "JC/edge". Jacquel is now playing shows with her current original music rock-band "Erotic Distortion". she is the lead-singer and song-writer, and continues to make music independently. Music, Modeling, and Fashion are not her only focus. As a small child, Jacquel always had an infatuation with theater and film. With her contacts in the entertainment business, she has recently broke into the world of acting. Jacquel has proven her outstanding, natural acting talents in several independent films  and television shows and continues to become one of the best. Jacquel is now using her talents not only to act in films and television, but also has began writing and producing her own projects.  She is extraordinary. Her unique look and style brings a whole new element to the world of entertainment.


Copyright © Jacquel Cardona

​​​Jacquel Cardona